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I continue to do abortions after 25 years because the voices of gratitude and relief from my patients drown out the hatred and intolerance from the protesters outside. In the small still hours of the night I am at peace with myself and with God, who gave me this mission in life.

Mary Smith, MD. Dallas, TX.

Physicians for Reproductive Health - Why I Provide Abortions

Celebrate Abortion Provider Appreciation Day!

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"I don’t really like people, but it’s difficult to get comfortable with loneliness. I mean, I’ve tried to have friends, but it never works out. And I’m tired of going out alone. I’m ok staying in at my place. It smells good when I burn incense and I have a lot of records and I can just play video games.” 

The bus she was waiting for arrived. “Do you need to go?” 

"It’s ok. Another one will come in ten minutes… But then, you know, sometimes I just want a partner— a relationship. It would be nice to share this part of my life with someone. I’ve been single for years, and you know, there are people I could call if I wanted to. But people always end up saying things that rub me the wrong way, or if I open up to them, suddenly they want me to be their best friend, and I don’t want people to have expectations of me. I don’t want to waste anyone else’s time if I’m not interested in being close to them." 

Another bus came and went while she told me about the loneliness, wiping tears from her eyes. Then another. “I’m sorry, I’ve talked too long.” 

"It’s really ok. Sometimes we just need to connect." 

"Yeah, I forget that sometimes."


Anonymous asked:

ugh, J/B haters think Brienne was thinking about Renly in that scene with Cersei. and some of them keep saying that doesn't matter GRRM wrote the episode, because D&D added this scene






I think people are just gonna see whatever the hell they want to see, and logic and reason and seeing shit with your very own eyes just goes right the hell out the window.

I don’t understand why people find the idea of these two being in love with each other so offensive? Like, I understand wanting to see more male/female platonic relationships depicted in media, yeah, but people get so ANGRY. It just baffles me tbh.

People think it’s offensive because Brienne is ugly and Jaime is hot.

Don’t you know that ugly girls aren’t supposed to get the guy? Girls are supposed to care about a guy’s character (not his looks or social status) and guys are supposed to care about how young and fuckable a girl looks.


I figure just wait until (if) GRRM finishes ASOIAF and then we’ll see what the haters have to say. (Probably that GRRM was entering into senility when he wrote it, tbh.)

I mean, the thing is, Brienne and Jaime almost certainly aren’t going to have a happy ending, no matter what else happens with them, just given how ASoIaF rolls. But I feel like people who don’t like the ship will use that as an argument that they’re obviously platonic, even if GRRM has them, on the page, actually confess their love for each other with their dying breaths, or whatever. It’ll still be “WELL THEY DIDN’T GET MARRIED AND HAVE TEN FAT CHILDREN AND LIVE AT CASTERLY ROCK SO YOURE ALL WRONG ABOUT SHIPPING THEM.”

Brienne is definitely consciously in love with Jaime in the books.

Jaime is definitely in denial but hey, HAS GOTTEN WOOD FOR HER SO.

He’s an ass who starts the story at his worst. She starts it at her most naive. They grow, they fuckin’ love each other either way, platonic or more. I’m not saying EVERYONE who violently wants them to stay platonic does so bc she’s plain, but man, I DEFINITELY side-eye them hardcore.

Plus, she’s not UGLY. She’s PLAIN. Like, yanno, most girls who THINK they’re ugly ACTUALLY are. No one’s hideous in this world, honestly, everyone had their beauties, we’re just caught on the standards of our day. Cat saw Brienne’s beauty in her plain face.

Why can’t people filter out the naratives they’re hearing these chapters of the books through? Jaime sees her as ugly because he needs to. The world is fucked and mocks her at large. Cat is the one character who sees Brienne most clearly, being both a mother and a woman who understands Westeros. I imagine Brienne, and see Gwen’s portrayal, through Caitlyn Stark’s eyes.

 Plain in features, but beautiful in heart, spirit, and those gorgeous sapphire eyes, that let all those beautiful things shine and make her so much more than Plain, or the world’s idea of ugly.

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